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You’ve helped us raise $3,355 towards our $10,000 target! 

Let’s get more kids on bikes

Your commitment to youth development allows the Oregon League to continue our mission of building strong minds, bodies, character, and communities through cycling. With your continued support, we can build upon great NICA programs such as GRiT (Girls Riding Together) and Teen Trail Corps, as well as other adventure programs to ensure we are meeting the needs of all coaches and student-athletes and getting #morekidsonbikes!

You help to make so much good happen in our league everyday. As a supporter you embody our NICA core values of Fun, Inclusivity, Equity, Respect and Community. You raise the stoke for youth across this nation and for that we are grateful! We hope you will continue your commitment to NICA by making a generous gift to Share the Ride today.

A few highlights from the current year:

  • The League served 103 students
  • We have 70 certified coaches
  •  11 new teams formed from around the state
  •  We hosted four races in Newport, Bend, Stub Stewart State Park, and Skibowl
  • 25% of our student-athletes received scholarship, totaling $7500
  • Female student-athlete participation was 27%

We have a goal of raising $10k and need your help.
No donation is too small. Five bucks? Twenty bucks? It all adds up. Donate here.

Here are some initiatives your support will help us with in 2019:

  • Increase current student-athlete female participation from 27% to 35%
  • Provide at minimum $15k in scholarship funds
  • Host a 3-night bike packing camp in June
  • Collaborate with trail alliance groups throughout the state to plug Oregon League’s youth into community service and land stewardship opportunities

Become an Oregon League Sustainer

An Oregon League Sustainer is somebody who donates a set amount on a regular occasion, usually every week or month. The monthly or weekly amount you’re able to contribute can be as small as $10 – the same amount for a few cups of coffee, two pints of beer, or a Netflix or Spotify subscription. These regularly donated amounts add up over time and will be immensely helpful for the sustainability of our programming. The first 45 sustainers to sign up will get a special Oregon League cap that was designed specifically for us by our friends at Mokuyobi. Become an Oregon League Sustainer today!

All donations given to the Oregon League goes towards supporting Oregon’s youth directly.

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